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We Help Turn Your Credit Into WEALTH!

It’s more expensive to live with bad credit, than it is to invest and fix your credit. Live the life you want when you have good credit. Let us guide you down the road to wealth.

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About Us

Consumers Road To Wealth LLC started this credit rehab company to assist individuals who may be facing financial hardship solely due to their credit profile. We all know that living with bad credit is more costly than getting it repaired. The credit repair specialists at Consumers Road To Wealth can empathize with each and every client because they have all been in the same situation before. This is the driving force behind the establishment of Consumers Road To Wealth LLC - the desire to help others with their credit rehabilitation. Our specialists have firsthand experience of constantly being denied and understand the frustration it brings.

Consumers Road To Wealth LLC believes that everyone deserves the feeling of being told "YOUR APPLICATION WAS APPROVED!" Before the establishment of Consumers Road To Wealth LLC, we conducted extensive research and due diligence starting in 2015. We dedicated ourselves to studying various laws, attending numerous credit repair classes, and participating in several seminars. Once we realized the potential impact we could make for ourselves, our families, and friends, we became serious about our craft. We obtained our Credit Counselor Certification and now offer our services to assist individuals worldwide.


Since 2017, we have helped over 134 families with credit rehabilitation. Our long-term goal is to assist people with their living situations, provide credit education, and help them achieve financial freedom. Ultimately, we are here to support individuals on their journey to wealth!

No matter what your current situation is. It is not your final destination. We assist individuals to obtain generational wealth.


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